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About Chapter 490


We would welcome all Vietnam Veterans in the Central Iowa area to join us at our monthly meetings and become active members of our chapter. The chapter is working toward having a monument placed at the Veterans Cemetery - Van Meter, Iowa that will be a tribute to all those that served in the Vietnam War and have this monument jointly funded by all the Vietnam Veterans Chapters in Iowa. If you would like to donate, please see the contact information. 

We will focus on those that served in the Vietnam War era, but will not limit ourselves to just Veterans of that era. It is great to see the WWII Veterans be able to make flights to Washington to view the monuments there. Hat's off/hand salute to Hy-Vee and Casey's General Stores for their generous donates that made these flights a reality.

Those Veterans gave so much during that War, it is well deserved thank you for their services. 

Roger Elliott, VVA Chapter 490 President

"I would like to welcome all my brother and sister Vets home and let them know we're here for them"

"I would also like to welcome everyone and wish them all well and let them know we are here for you."

Dale Smith, VVA Chapter 490 Vice President
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